Hi Daniel, Zaw Tonc, Plair, Ming, Nayut, Zaw, Nay Aung, Khin Aung Zaw, Ko Aung & Mack (hope I got them all right) :) Just a quick email to say thank you for a fantastic stay at Club One Seven, it truly is a home away from home and by far the best place that I stayed at whilst in Thailand. Unfortunately the pic that Wayne took of use in the restaurant did not come out very well, :( so I only have the memories and of course pics of Mings towel animals. Hopefully I will be back one day and will get a chance to see you all again. Best wishes to all of you and please keep in touch. Brett of Hayman Great Barrier Reef (PS: I hope that the t-shirts fitted the guys.)

Update : 25-02-2009


Suchawarmwelcomeandcharminghospitalitythroughoutmy (alltooshort)stay.SleptlikeababyintheJapanesecabin!Mike(UK)

Update : 16-02-2009


sehrnetteskleinesHotelmitsuperService......kommengernewieder ThanksforDanielandDarlings:-)

Update : 25-01-2009


Thankyouforagreatstayatyourhotel...theroomswereverynice;large, cleanandwellprepared.Theservicewasgreatandyourstaffaresonice (andcute!).Thebreakfastswereperfectaswell.WhenIarrivedatPhuket AirporttoflyoutIrealizedthatIhadforgottenmypassportinmyroomafter checkingout.Thankyousomuchforarrangingthetaxitobringmypassport tomeattheairport!ItarrivedjustintimeandIamsothankful!LikeIsaid theserviceisamazing!IwilldefinitelyrecommendClubOneSevento anyonetravelingtoPatongBeach!ClubOneSevenistrulyahomeaway fromhome!DaveLyonsToronto,CanadaJanuary9,2009

Update : 09-01-2009


HelloDanieletal,Hadagreatstayatyourcomplex, pityaboutthebuildersnextdoorbutthatcantbehelped! Wouldadviseothersofyourhighstandards! Excellentattentivestaff!!

Update : 09-01-2009


IamsadwehavelostSoebuthopeitstoadvancement. AtOneSevenhehadaCelebritythathewillmiss.Hiswarmth andwelcomingsmilehadcometosymbolizeourhomeaway fromhome.Thereareothermarvelousstaffmemberswhowill takeuptheslackandwewillcontinue. GoodLucktoSoeinhisfuture.

Update : 06-01-2009


Thanks gang for yet another fantastic stay at that oasis of fun and excellent service, Club One Seven! I am sure there must be some good things about being back home in Australia again, but they are yet to grab me! I am already missing Mings wonderful attention to my room, the wonderful food, friendly environment and the friends I made. I cant wait to see what next year Christmas Eve party and what the New Year Eve trip will bring. You are all fabulous Ambassadors to Thailand and the hospitality industry! Thank you all once again, I will miss you heaps! Mike - Perth, Western Australia

Update : 06-01-2009


HelloDanielandyourwonderfullstaff, Ijustwantedtocomplimentyouallformakingmy3weekswithyou atClubOneSevensoenjoyable,nothingwasevertoomuchtrouble, andyourstaffmaketheguestsfeelliketheyarepartofonebig happyfamily,theChristmasEvepartywashighlyentertaining, andtheNewYearsEveboattriptoRayaIslandwasafantasticday, keepupthegoodwork,andiwillseeyouallthiscomingJuly, BestWishesFromDameJoyInSydney

Update : 02-01-2009


DearDanielandteam, thanksformakingmyrecentstayatClubOneSevensoenjoyable. Yourhospitalityandservicesarefirstrate.TheChristmasEveparty wasgreatfunwithexcellententertainmentfromSimonCabaret andthefireact.Iwilldefinitelybebackandwouldrecommend yourplacetoallmyfriendsTakecare,Berniex

Update : 02-01-2009


DearMack,DanielandTeam, ThankyouforeverythingduringourshortstayatClubOneSeven inearlyDec.Everythingwasperfectandwelltakencareofbyyouguys. MyonlyregretwasthatIcouldhaveaskedforabiggerroom. Butthereisalwaysanexttime.Seeyouguysagain.Takegoodcare. MerryChristmasandHaveaGreat2009!!!

Update : 20-12-2008

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