DearDaniel, Ididnothaveachancetoseeyoubeforemydeparture, butIwantedto thankyou andeveryoneatClubOneSevenforthewonderfulstaythere. Iwishyouallahappyandsweetnewyearandhopetherewillbe anothertimethere! Withmuchthanksforyourfriendliness, Eric(Toronto).

Update : 10-01-2007


HelloDanny, FirstlyIwanttosayabigthankyouformywonderfulstayatClubOneSeven from28thOctoberto10thNovember,AndrewHoggfromDevaTeavelUK, Icannotthankyouenoughformywonderfulbirthdaypresent. itwasreallykindofyou.AndwithmyworkIstayatmany5starluxuryhotels andbelievemeIcancertainlystayinmyeyesClubOneSevenis5startoo, excellentfriendlyservicefromallofyourstaff,alwayssmilingandhelpful, excellentcleanroomseachday,iwasabsolutelydelightedwithyourhoteland wonderfulstaffservice,sorryiamlatebutbeensobusyinofficeand justwantedtosayahugethankyoutoyouandallyourwonderful handsomestaff.Hopetoseeyouagainsoon, wishingyouahappychristmasandprosperousNewYear. KindRegards, AndrewSHogg, SeniorRetailTravelConsultant,DevaTravelandToursUK.

Update : 09-01-2007


HiRob!HiDaniel! Wehadareallygrandgaytimeduringourstay inPhuket! Weweretreatedfromonespectacletoanother.Andthankstoboth ofyouguys. Onourlastnight,wewenttotheSimonCabaret.Attheentrance,theguy checkingourticketstoldmeSuwayNa.Ihadafeelingthatitwassomething ofacompliment.ilaterfoundoutthathejusttoldmei ambeautiful. thaisindeedhaveaknackandtastefortrueetherealbeauty!wewentto theboatbarataround1AM.wemetnut,net,andthegermancouplethere. wealsometacertainlek(orrekorrick,iforgothowtosayhisname). he iscute. whenigobackthere,ishoulddatehim!hehehe... anyways,thefunnythingwasweranoutofcash,sowehadtowalk allthewaybacktothehotel.butthatwasreallyfun! andthenextdayattheairport,wedid notknowwe aresupposedtopay anairporttaxandweonlyhad70bahtcombinedmoney!imagine! 6peoplehavingacombinedmoneyof70bahtonly!!!goodthingtherewere ATMsthere!:Dthanksagaindanielforthewonderfulservice. thanksforbeingpatientwithourrowdy,unpredictableminds.:Dhehehe... we aresuretobebackinphuket!i havebeenravingaboutittoourfriendsalready. i amturningallofthemintogaysothatthey willstayatcluboneseven!:p. i willsendpicturesonceigetthemfromtherestofmygang!againstthanks! mwahmwah!raisingtherainbowflageverhigher,Emman.

Update : 09-01-2007


HelloDanielandClubOneSevenboys,Ijustwantedtosaythanksagain foragreatstaywhileIwasinPhuket.Itwassadtoleavejustastheparty wasstartinglastweek.Iwillhopefullybebacksoon and will recommend you highly to any friendsthinkingoftravelingtoPatong.Thanks again,Stuart.

Update : 08-01-2007

Jimmy & Tay

Hi Daniel, Mack and all Club One Seven Staffs, It was a wonderful stay at Club One Seven. Thanks you for your hospitality throughout our stay at Phuket. The room is nice and the staffs are all cute and friendly. We are safely return back to Singapore and our mind still keep thinking of the moments at there. We definitely will return back to Phuket and stay at Club One Seven next time. Once again thanks for everything. All the best and take care! Best Regards, Jimmy and Tay.

Update : 08-01-2007


DearDaniel,Thoughthisisalittlelate,itisnolesssincere. Iwanttothankyouandyourentirestaffforhelpingtomakemytworecentstays atClubOneSevensothoroughlyenjoyable.Ilovedtheroom. Everyonewaswonderfulandtheboysareabsolutelysweet(especiallySoe). IwillalwayslookforwardtogoinghometoClubOneSevenwhenever mytravelsbringmetoPhuket.HappyHolidaystoyouall...Sincerely,James.

Update : 05-01-2007


Hello Mack and Daniel, and all the Staff-boys in Club One Seven, especially Sou!!! Just want to say thank you for this great week i had in Phuket and in your Hotel. it is always nice to come back to you, because i feel so convenient in club oneseven. And also this daytrip to James-Bond Island was really a lot of fun, i am happy that i decided to join you at this day. I hope everybody is fine there and sure i will come back again. Please take care all of you. Rene.

Update : 18-12-2006


Dear Family at Cluboneseven, with this I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I miss everybody very much. See you all again on the 31st March 2007 when I\'m coming back again. The Best Wishes, Peter.

Update : 21-12-2006


HithereallatClubOneSeven, Just a quick note to say a very BIG Thank you for a wonderful weekend!! I have worked for hotels for 15 years (General Manager for 5 years) in 4 star properties, and your standard of service and cleanliness is first class! Well Done! I would like to say a very special Thank you for \'Soe\' and the Night Receptionist (not sure of name) as they were particularly courteous and very friendly. I look forward to my next stay with you very soon. Best Regards, Mat.

Update : 18-12-2006

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